Elite Lacrosse Training

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Sign up for Elite LAX training designed to elevate all aspects of your game. Through personalized, small-group training, Elite players dig into the specific skills required to compete at the highest level, including:

  • Shooting accuracy
  • Speed and agility
  • Stick efficiency
  • Midfield dodging
  • And much more

Elite Lacrosse Training Participants Experience the Following:

  • Improve stick skills
  • Increase shot speed & accuracy
  • Build confidence
  • Improved lacrosse IQ
  • Become ambidextrous
  • Increase explosion out of dodges and your 1st step
  • Learn advanced dodges to beat your defender
  • Learn correct footwork and body positioning
  • Lose fat and build muscle
  • Become faster and quicker
  • Improve hand-eye coordination and athleticism

Schedule & Training Packages 


  • Fall / Winter Training will take place Wednesdays (Sep 5 – Dec 26)
    • Elite Lax Camp – 5-6p (Coach Josh)
      • Our Elite Lax Camp classes are designed to be the most accessible of our training offerings. They will address the fundamentals of the game with depth and attention to detail.
      • The players best suited for this camp are beginners and novices who want to improve on the basics and build a strong skills set.
      • Be ready to learn, practice your skills, and have fun!
      • Register for Elite Lax Camp
    • Elite Goalie – 5-6p (Coach Shotts)
      • Learn to properly step to the ball and make saves with solid form
      • Get your hands quicker, and make your footwork smoother
      • Become an excellent passer in the clearing game
      • Register for Elite Goalie
    • Elite Midfield 6-7p (Coach Josh / Coach Nic)
      • Practice winning one-on-one matchups against a short stick defender
      • Learn the best moves to get top side and how to finish with consistency
      • Perfect dodges commonly used from up top and become a threat from anywhere on the field
      • Register for Elite Midfield
    • Elite Faceoff – 6:30-7:30p  (Coach Mateo)
      • Continue to build on good fundamentals in “live-draw” scenarios
      • Learn exciting new moves and counters
      • Further develop your own style and become an expert drawman
      • Register for Elite Faceoff
    • Elite Attack – 7-8p (Coach Josh / Coach Nic)
      • Dodge with a purpose and free your hands to score from X
      • Practice your footwork and finishes through hundreds of repetitions
      • Learn the finer points of combination dodging and inside shooting
      • Register for Elite Attack
    • Elite Defense – 7-8p (Coach Rich)
      • Practice passing, catching, and checking with the 6 foot defensive stick
      • Develop proper take away checks and body positioning
      • Improve footwork and balance
      • Learn the defensive calls and be a vocal leader for your team
      • Register for Elite Defense
  • Saturdays – 8:30-9:30a
  • What’s new and how do I sign up?
    • Starting September 1st, we will switch to a new registration system where classes must be purchased individually online. No more class packs, no more unlimited training passes. All classes are sold separately.
    • We have adjusted our class prices and lowered them to be an even better deal than class packs were! You are now saving money by just buying classes one at a time. No need to keep track of how many classes you have left anymore!
    • *YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE before attending class. If there are no participants in a class 6 hours before class begins, the class may be cancelled.
    • See the schedule and register now below: